Before I dive into the full details of this course...

Let's talk about you for a moment.

The music of Hildegard von Bingen touches each one of us in a unique way. I will never forget the first time I heard one of her chants: it was a pivotal, life-changing moment, and I knew I wanted to know all about her music!

But I had no idea where to start. But all that has changed.

If you long for the same kind of musical and spiritual connection and experience with Hildegard's music, you are in the perfect place.


And you will never be lost.

Whether you are...

  • An amateur musician who is hungry for a meaningful connection with the music, and with others.

  • An early music performer who is deeply passionate and infectiously curious about repertoire and performance.

  • A spiritual singer who is drawn to the potency and luminescence of Hildegard's music, and desires to be a vessel for this divine music.

By the end of this program,

You will have...

  • Learned how to craft your musical transcriptions from 12th-century notation

  • Developed a facility with 12th-century notation.

  • Learned how to sing medieval chant from neumes.

  • Discovered how to use your sacred voice as the vehicle for this music.

  • Developed confidence and capability in your music-reading.

  • Transcribed two pieces of Hildegard's music, from beginning to end.

  • Co-created a community of medieval music enthusiasts just like you.

“Allison's workshops on Hildegard's music are a high point for my students who are Historical Performance Vocal majors at Peabody... She is knowledgeable, well-organized, and inspiring and I look forward to future visits and collaborations.”

Mark Cudek, Historical Performance Department
Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University

"Mondel had a spare, otherworldly radiance… a performance from across the centuries, full of distant and irresistible beauties."

The Washington Post

"As a teacher, she is a fierce, passionate advocate for her students, always seeing their gifts and inspiring them to grow into and take ownership of their persons and voices. As a colleague, she is the kindest, most loving person I could ever have hoped to work with – her support and friendship have meant the world to me in my own teaching and musicianship."

George Fergus
Associate Director of Music and Organist
Washington National Cathedral

What's inside the course?

Please enter the Convent...

  • Invitatory: The Chapter House

    Welcome the Convent! Here you will learn how the course will be laid out, and best practices for your to not only progress, but to have the gain the results you desire and receive the most support.

  • Module One: The Library

    Let's pull the first book off of the shelf... Here is where you begin to acquire the foundational tools and skills to learn about manuscript sources and the notation.

  • Module Two: The Scriptorium

    Grab your quill and parchment. No, not really. Inside the magical scriptorium is where you will begin to craft your own beautiful musical transcriptions and learn the neume vocabulary.

  • Module Three: The Choir Room

    Now to bring the music off the page and into vibrant life! You will learn how to read the score, discover how to find the right pitch, and gain confidence in this new musical language.

  • Module Four: The Chapel

    It's time to beautifully unite the text and music with your voice. You will gain greater fluency with Hildegard's use of Latin, as well as her inimitable musical language as you boldly step forward with your voice guided every step of the way.

  • Module Five: The Inner Sanctum

    Here is the place in which you cultivate your your voice as the vehicle for Hildegard's divine music. Learn my techniques for sacred breathing and divine centering, as you allow your voice to unite with the music and let your soul fly.

  • Resources: The Cellarium

    Your repository for all the invaluable materials that will become your go-to resources for this course and your future life of transcribing and performance.

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you'll get:

Singing Hildegard Digital Course (a $1297 value)

  • Five implementation modules showing you the step-by-step process to bring any musical work from the manuscript folio to performance.

  • Resource library including digital manuscripts, neume glossary, living bibliography, and so much more.

  • Cheat sheets, how-to reference videos, and other tools to help you carry your practice beyond the course.

You will be given access to one module every week so that you will have ample time to work through the lessons without any overwhelm.

Plus, you receive lifetime access to the course, as well as all the bonus resources that are part of your enrollment.

You will also receive omnipresent support in our private, members-only Facebook group, The Refectory throughout the course.

Bonuses to Celebrate!

Extra resources to help you thrive and expand not only your knowledge, but your vision, too.

  • Five Weeks of Live Q&A with Allison in The Refectory

    You will have access The Refectory, our private, members-only Facebook group for weekly, live Q&As and nonstop support during your course experience. (Value: $897)

  • Symphonia Master Texts Document

    The document that has it all: every Latin text in Hildegard's song oeuvre, organized both alphabetically, thematically, and in manuscript order. This master document also includes skill and difficulty ratings, vocal range, and liturgical season/occasion recommendations. (Value: Utterly Invaluable)

  • Live Webinar: The Music of Hildegard von Bingen

    Join Allison for a live webinar which takes a deep dive into the life and music of medieval visionary Hildegard von Bingen. You will learn about her fascinating life and astonishing works, and gain a fuller scope of Hildegard's musical legacy. (Value: $27)

Pay in Full Bonus!

When you pay in full, you become one of our VIP community members and receive thee extra bonuses! 🎉

  • Join the Convent Masterclass: Come and coach your singing and interpretation directly with Allison, and receive personalized guidance on whatever your goals are. (Value: $97)

  • Enter the 1:1 Private Coaching Drawing: One of two winners will receive one 30-minute private coaching session with Allison. (Value: $147)

  • Enter the Hildegard Merchandise Bundle Drawing: One of three winners will receive a custom Hildegard tee, magnets, buttons, and more. Hildegard swag: yes! (Value: $47)

My Guarantee

I want you to be fully satisfied by your course experience, and I know what you will learn will be golden.

You are backed by a 14-day risk-free guarantee after the course officially launches on November 15th. If you decide you are not satisfied with the course after participating fully during the trial period, I will refund your investment for this online course. 


  • How long does the course last?

    The live portion of the course is five weeks in which there are weekly online modules and a weekly live Q&A with Allison in the private Facebook group. But, you have lifetime access to all the course materials: this investment will last you for a lifetime!

  • What if I fall behind? Will I miss out?

    The modules are paced so that you will feel capable and confident as you proceed. Of course, life happens! And time zones may prohibit participation in live events. All meetings will be recorded and posted in the Facebook group so you can watch when you are able: they are always there for you!

  • When does the course start?

    Once you enroll, you will receive login info to the course website, but the first welcome module will be available on Monday, November 8th. The first course module will drop on Monday, November 15th, and run for five consecutive weeks (last module drops the week of December 13th).

  • I am not really a singer. Is this course going to help me?

    YES. YES IT WILL. This course is designed for any level of singer, and "singing skills" are not required. Very basic music reading will be incredibly useful, as you will be reading musical scores. Whether you are a singer or not does not determine your agency to sing this music: I will help you every step of the way to help you feel greater ease and confidence with your voice.

A final word from Allison

I personally cannot wait to guide you through the musical journey of a lifetime.

Reading, transcribing, and performing the music of Hildegard von Bingen has changed my life in the most impactful ways. When I learned to read medieval music from original notation and source material, I felt like I had just been handed a magic wand!  ✨

And when I first encountered and learned how to read Hildegard's notation, I knew that I had just been given a magnificent gift.

I want to share that with you. I want you to be empowered and excited and driven to take up the challenge of accessing this medieval musical language, but also to empower you to become the divine messenger. 

You no longer need a graduate degree to access this music and Hildegard's highly specific and nuanced musical language. You will learn from someone who has done it all before, and has the right tools, best resources, and an ardent love of teaching.

So I hope you will take the next step, and enter the Convent... 

I'll meet you in the Refectory! 


Allison Mondel
Director, Eya Medieval Music